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Social science professional – come home!

YKA is a community for social science professionals where you can get all work-related services conveniently under one roof. Legal advice in tricky situations at work, extensive insurance policies, useful career services, unemployment security and a community for social science professionals – all these services and benefits (and much more!) are included in one membership fee.

Join today!

Two ways to join

It has been made easy for you to join. You can choose the alternative that suits you best.

  1. Fill out the electronic application, and you will receive a confirmation email.
  2. Send a text message “LIITY FIRSTNAME LASTNAME” to +358 50 439 4432 (text messages only). We will be in touch with you once we have received the message. Please note that your membership will not start until we have received the necessary additional information from you.



Anyone who has an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from university or is studying for such a degree can join.



The Board will process the membership applications at their monthly meeting and accept new members. If a membership application is sent by post, the membership starts on the date on which the application was sent. If you use the electronic application, your membership starts on the day the application was received. If you wish, you can choose a later start date.

If you are a salaried employee, your membership of the Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees will begin on the same date as your Union membership. After the Board meeting you will receive a confirmation letter for your membership.

The main reasons for joining

Read more about the membership benefits here.

The best advocate for your professional interests

The Union knows the opportunities and challenges that its heterogenous membership faces in the job market. We will promote your interests within the Akava community, at negotiating tables and at places of work.

Personal guidance through the twists and turns or working life

As a member you have access to an extensive network of working life experts. Legal and salary guidance is only one phone call or email away.

Your partner for career wellbeing

These days we need all kinds of different career skills. We want to offer YKA members skills and capabilities for different kinds of career situations and transitions. Whether you are at the beginning of your career, or you have been in working life for a while or a long time, we can offer you tools and sparring. Our services include e.g. personal career counselling and counselling for wellbeing at work, salary guidance, mentoring and an extensive range of training. Check out our career services.

Building society together

By joining the Union you are among your peers and you will strengthen your professional identity as a builder of society. YKA is the union that best represents social science professionals. We support our members’ networking e.g. through our local activities.

Insurance for a variety of situations

As a Union member you are also a member of an unemployment fund, so if you become unemployed you will receive the earnings-related unemployment allowance. Through your membership you will be insured in your spare time and during travel, and you will also get professional indemnity insurance and legal expenses insurance. Some insurance companies also offer discounts to Union members on their other insurance products.

Holiday discounts

You can hire the Union’s cabin or timeshare for an affordable fee. You also get access to changing hotel and cruise offers.

Excellent value for money

The Union’s membership fee is always fixed and affordable. You get value for money through our extensive services and members’ benefits. Read more about the membership fees.


Don’t hesitate to contact us! Please call 010 231 0350 or send us an email ( for more information. If you need legal advice, please contact our lawyers