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Illustration: YKA members by employer sector

Who can join YKA?

Social Science Professionals, i.e. YKA, is the social sciences union for a new age. All those who have a bachelor’s or master’s degree from university or who are studying for one can apply for YKA membership. Those who have or are studying for some other kind of university degree and who work in the social sciences can also apply for membership.

You get access to our member benefits as soon as you have sent us your membership application. The Board makes the final decision on admitting new members at their monthly meetings.

Submit your application and join the community of social scientists!

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Why join YKA?

Personal guidance for working life

As a member of YKA you have access to salary guidance, as well as legal advice on both professional and personal matters. Our lawyers are available Monday to Friday from 9 am till 3 pm.

Your partner at all stages of your career

We support our members at various stages of their working life. We offer tools and support for every step of your career, from personal career guidance to mentors, workshops and coaching.

The best at promoting your professional interests

Joining the Union means finding your people and making your voice heard. We look after our members in the Akava community, at negotiations and workplaces. We support our members’ networking e.g. through our local activities.

Benefits and insurance for your free time

As a member you are entitled to unemployment benefits, a comprehensive insurance policy, various career services and workshops, and the benefits offered through Member+.

How much does membership cost?

Graduated member 342 €/year

Student member29 €/yearNo unemployment fund membership.

Student member 114 €/yearIncludes unemployment fund membership.


Choose a better working life

We improve the world of work for social science professionals. We offer our members support and partnership in all stages of their careers. You don’t need to be an expert on working life – we exist so that you can focus on your career, your studies or your personal life.

Collective advocacy work, a responsible working life and improving wellbeing at work are some examples of the issues we work with every day.

We are a community who welcomes everyone, from students to retired social scientists. Welcome aboard!

What benefits does YKA membership offer?

Our membership is made up of a large variety of people from different professional backgrounds. We know the opportunities and challenges that our members face on the job market. We will promote your interests within the Akava community, at negotiating tables and at places of work.

For our members, legal and salary guidance is only one phone call or email away. Our working life experts help our members with all matters relating to the world of work, whether they are going through salary negotiations or co-determination negotiations or dreaming of taking the next step in their career.

One thing is certain: these days the world of work is constantly changing. Employees are required to be able to adapt to change and to have different kinds of career skills. We want to ensure that our members have the skills and abilities to meet the changes and transitions which they may encounter in their careers.

Whether you are at the beginning of your career or you have been in the world of work for a while or a long time, we can offer you tools and sparring. Our services include personal career guidance and support for wellbeing at work, salary guidance, mentoring, and a variety of workshops and coaching.

Joining the Union means finding your people and strengthening your professional identity as a social scientist. YKA is the union that best represents social science professionals. We support out members’ networking e.g. through our local activities. At our events you get to meet and network with other social science professionals.

YKA and SYY (Social Science Students in Finland) are closely involved in influencing what kind of working life will be awaiting new experts in our field in the future.

We support our members in their studies and offer various services for members at the early stages of their careers. We can offer help with the salary recommendations for your first job, career guidance, maintaining your wellbeing during your studies and at work, not to forget our tailored workshops. We are your partner as you grow into a social science expert.

As a Union member you are also a member of the unemployment fund, and if you meet the criteria, this means that you can access earnings-related unemployment benefits if you find yourself unemployed.

Through your membership you will be insured in your spare time and during travel, and you will also get professional indemnity insurance and legal expenses insurance. Some insurance companies also offer discounts to Union members on their other insurance products.

YKA members can save money on their holidays. Our members have access to summer houses and timeshares owned by the Union at affordable prices. We also offer our members various hotel and cruise discounts through the Member+ service.

What happens once I’ve sent my application?

The Board processes membership applications at its monthly meetings. If a membership application is sent by post, the membership starts on the date written on the application. If you use the electronic application, your membership starts on the day the application was received. If you wish, you can choose a later start date.

If you are a salaried employee, your membership of the Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees (Erko) will begin on the same date as your Union membership. After the Board meeting you will receive a confirmation letter for your membership.