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Membership fees for 2024, as decided by the Union’s council

  • members with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree and permanently employed students €342
  • self-employed members who have joined an unemployment fund for entrepreneurs, those working on a grant or scholarship, those working abroad in an EU or EEA country for a local employer, those working abroad for an international organisation, and those working full time in a position of trust €171
  • members who are unemployed, on parental, study or job alternation leave, performing military or national service, or working outside the EU/EEA and not covered by the Finnish unemployment security system €77. Members on parental leave can only apply for a discounted membership fee for the months when they did not receive a salary.
  • pensioners and people living abroad with no salary €72
  • student members €29/€114

You can also apply for a discounted membership fee. You can find more information here.

The membership fee is tax deductible. The Union will automatically inform the tax authorities of your payments.

If you have paid too much for your membership the extra fee will not be refunded, but it will instead be deducted from next year’s membership fee.

For more information on membership fees, please call 010 231 0350 or contact us via email (


There are three ways to pay your membership fee: e-invoice, direct payment or through your employer.

If you want to pay by bank transfer, you get the option to pay the full annual membership fee in one transaction or in four instalments when you pay your first invoice. If you choose to pay in instalments, we will invoice you in January, April, August and October. We will post the invoice to your home.

Instead of a printed invoice you can choose to receive an electronic invoice through OmaPosti. Registering for the OmaPosti service allows you to receive invoices in OmaPosti, and you can also use the service to pay your invoices through online banking. The invoices look like normal printed invoices, and OmaPosti also works as an archive for your electronic invoices. Please note: You will receive a notification by email when an invoice has arrived in the service. This notification will be sent by Avoine Oy.

The Union also accepts payments via e-invoice.

You can order the e-invoice through your online bank. You will need the reference number of your latest invoice and your membership number.

The e-invoice is environmentally friendly, and it makes it easy to pay your invoice. E-invoices are easy to pay in your online bank with a single click, and there is no need to enter account or reference numbers. You can also choose automatic payment if you wish, in which case the invoice will be paid automatically on the due date without you having to confirm the payment. Invoicing through e-invoice is done annually or four times a year.

For more information about choosing the e-invoice, please contact your bank or the Union via or tel. 010 231 0350.

If you have a permanent or long-term job, many employers offer to pay your membership fee to the Union directly from your salary.

In 2023, the membership fee is 342 euros. Your employer will collect 28,50 euros from your salary each month.
1. Fill out the mandate form with block letters. You can print the relevant mandate form here.
2. Please fill out the required information and sign the form.
3. You should then take the form to your local bank branch to be filled out and signed.
4. You should give one copy of the mandate form to your bank, keep one for yourself, and send one to the Union by post (Mikonkatu 8 A, 00100 Helsinki).

You must always inform the Union’s office if your employment is terminated and the payment of salaries is interrupted due to e.g. maternity leave, leave of absence or sick leave.

For more information about filling out the mandate form, please contact the Union’s office at 010 231 0350 or


Let YKA keep up with you by updating your personal information whenever something changes!

We want to serve our members in a way that suits each member. We can achieve this when we have up to date information about our members.

It is important that you let us know whenever your address or your work or study circumstances change. Please remember to update your details whenever you move, change jobs or graduate.

It is also important to update your email address, because otherwise we will not be able to send you information via email.

You can update your details online or by contacting the Union’s office directly (


If you want to leave the Social Science Professionals, you must do so in writing. Contact us at

The Union will process your resignation and send you a confirmation letter. We will inform the unemployment fund Erko whether you wish to remain a member, but you can also contact the unemployment fund directly to speed up the process of letting them know that you wish to continue as an individual member.

Please note that you cannot leave the Union by failing to pay your membership fee. You need to fill out the resignation form.

According to the rules of the Union, membership fees are due to be paid until the end of the resignation month. Please note that membership fees that have already been paid will not be refunded.

We thank you for your membership in YKA and warmly welcome you back in the future!


Don’t hesitate to contact us! Please call 010 231 0350 or send us an email ( for more information.